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Support Children

Project Description:

DSC02621The children’s support project ensures selected children that fit the APPHASS mandate are provided with a proper family, safe environment, and are enabled to attend school until the completion of grade 12. All funds donated to this program are received by the children that are being sponsored and their caregivers.

Number of years in operation: 13 years.

Number of children currently sponsored: 11.

Cost to support a child for 1 year: $400USD.

Due to the tremendous support of our donors, we have raised all the capital required to support our current students until the completion of their program! Current fundraising events will be targeted to support the Girl’s Centre Project.


Meet Our Current Students:

 As of June 2016

kidist abrehamKidist Abreham is a sixteen year old 7th grade student living with HIV. Her health is better than before, but she still needs much more care.


menen yibeyenMenen Yebeyen is a sixteen year old 9th grade student. She is living with her Mother and has ranked 1st in her class and her in her grade. Her health is very good.


tarik teferaTarik Tefera is a sixteen year old 8th grade student and she is living with her extended family. She ranked 20th in her class, and her health is good.


getie kassaGetie Kassa is a fifteen year old grade 8 student living with her mother. She ranked 11th in in her class and is in good health.

wubetie temesgenWubetie Temesgen is a sixteen year old grade 9 student and she is living with extended family. She ranked 2nd in her class and among all students in her grade. She is currently healthy.


abateneh berihunAbateneh Berihun is an eighteen year old 12th grade student. He lives with his sister, and ranked 7th in his class. He is preparing to take a university entrance exam to join university next year. His health is good.


temesgen yitayalTemesgen Yitayal is a sixteen year old 10th grade student in the town of Debre Markos. This past year he ranked 9th in his class and he is ready to take the national exam to join the preparatory school. He is currently in good health.

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